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Fortune Brand Unveils Plans for Ram Mandir Consecration Celebrations in Ayodhya

Mumbai, As the holy city of Ayodhya gears up for the consecration of Ram Mandir on January 22, Adani Wilmar, one of the largest Food & FMCG companies in India, unveils its plans to join the celebrations on this historic occasion.

The company, under its renowned brand Fortune, has curated a series of delightful activities that promise to add to the festive spirit. Mr. Anghsu Mallick, Managing Director and CEO, Adani Wilmar, stated, “The consecration of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is a momentous occasion for every Indian. In keeping with Fortune’s brand sentiment of ‘Ghar ka khana, ghar ka khana hota hai’, we are proud to be a part of this celebration, as this historical event is akin to a festival that celebrates the essence of being Indian.

Just as one in three households uses Fortune, our presence in this significant moment is a testament to our commitment to nurturing traditions and mirroring the spirit of India through our products. This celebration is like the joyous gatherings around a traditional home-cooked feast. It’s a time to come together, share stories, and revel in the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage, much like the values Fortune upholds on a daily basis”

In keeping with Fortune’s brand sentiment of ‘Ghar ka khana, ghar ka khana hota hai’, the focus is on celebrating the joys of some traditional home-cooked specialties. Towards this, the brand has crafted some impactful and memorable activations to engage visitors:

Jalebi Sampling Spree: Over seven days, Fortune plans to distribute over 25,000 delightful jalebis shaped in the form of the ‘Bloom’, which is the ‘Fortune logo’. This innovative activation is poised to create a buzz during the celebrations, serving as a sweet ode to Lord Rama, whose favoured dessert was Jalebi.

Fortune Special Pakoda Platter: Fortune will introduce a unique pakoda platter, made exclusively with the brand’s products, at 10 snack shops across the city. This 15-day campaign promises to add a delightful twist to the beloved local snack.

Fortune Mega-Bhog: Fortune is set to organise a one-day event of bhog on a grand scale. This’mega-bhog’ will feature a delicious feast, prepared with the brand’s products, for over 5,000 people.

Additionally, plans are afoot for impactful below-the-line (BTL) activities such as gate branding, hoardings, shopboards, and kiosks to capture the attention of the large congregation of devotees who will gather in Ayodhya.

Simultaneously, the brand is also leveraging television with its sponsorship for the entire duration of the Shrimad Ramayana, which coincides with the celebrations at Ayodhya. The sponsorship will integrate Fortune Master Brand, Chakki Fresh Atta, Soyabean Oil, Mustard Oil, Soya Nuggets, Besan, Rice Bran Oil, and Kohinoor Basmati Rice. Television commercials for all these categories will be on air for this duration.

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