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The journeys of two sisters take center stage in COLORS’ new family drama ‘Mangal Lakshmi’

starring Deepika Singh, Sanika Amit and Naman Shaw

Mumbai, As the saying goes, “Sisters are bound by blood, connected by heart. Through laughter and tears, a bond that never departs.” Celebrating the beautiful relation of two sisters, COLORS is gearing up to launch yet another riveting family drama, ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ jahan Mangal apne anubhav se sawaregi lakshmi ki zindagi.

The new offering revolves around Mangal, the ultimate multitasker, juggling the roles of a daughter, wife, and daughter-in-law while also raising her younger sister, Lakshmi. Mangal is striving to find a soulmate for Laxmi, ensuring that the younger one doesn’t face the same humiliation that Mangal experiences in her marriage with Adit. The show stars Deepika Singh as Mangal Saxena, Sanika Amit as Lakshmi Shrivastav, and Naman Shaw as Adit Saxena.

Prepared to essay the role of Mangal, Deepika Singh says, “I am thrilled to step into the shoes of Mangal, a desi and yet relatable character from Delhi. It’s a story of two sisters’ unusual bond, reflecting numerous instances that we see around us everyday! I’ve myself witnessed many stories in my own family and among my friends that have inspired me.

I also feel that audiences in our country appreciate watching such empathetic characters on the screen and resonate with them. I am glad to bring Mangal’s character to life and sincerely hope that viewers will embrace me as Mangal, finding relatability in every character trait.”

Talking about essaying the role of Lakshmi, Sanika Amit says, “Mangal Lakshmi marks my first attempt as an actor with Hindi television. Lakshmi is a straightforward girl who firmly believes in standing up for her rights and challenging what she perceives as wrong. As depicted in the promo, she doesn’t hesitate to question her elder sister if they disagree.

However, she holds the utmost respect for Mangal, which makes her a character whom everyone can resonate with. I am thrilled and eagerly anticipating an incredible journey ahead in the show with my co-actor, Deepika Singh.”

Set to portray the role of Adit, Naman Shaw expresses, “Bringing to life the character of Adit, a narcissistic and disrespectful male chauvinist who consistently undermines his wife, is no easy feat. My character aims to showcase a patriarchal and still prevalent aspect of the real-world challenges in Indian marriages. As an actor, I am dedicated to infusing authenticity into every character I play, and I am excited and looking forward to portraying this multiheaded character with ease.

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