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TreeHouse athletes make a big splash in national meets

Ahmedabad, Athleticism is key to holistic education and the TreeHouse chain of schools offers a curriculum that balances academics with a healthy dose of cultural activities as well as sports. Bearing testimony to this fact is the recent winning streak of students from TreeHouse High School, Karvenagar. Class 10 students Swara Thakare and Rashi Kothari, Anushka Kadu from Class 9 and Nidhi Pimple from Class 8 have recently secured silver medals at the CISCE National Kho Kho Tournament held in Kanpur, UP.

Talking about her triumph, Anushka Sujit Kadu says, “I always excelled in sports and would often win gold or silver medals in school sports. Inspired by my mother, who has been a Kho Kho  athlete, I joined the sport at the national level in 9th grade. Despite many challenges, the guidance from our dedicated coach Rahul Shinde led us to victory at the zonal and regional levels in Mumbai.

Swara Thakare adds,:- Swara Thakare, as someone who had never participated in this sport before, it was my first time participating in kho kho in class 10. The journey towards accomplishment was not easy but with the guidance of our coach Rahul sir and the constant support from my parents I managed to win the zonals and regionals

Rajesh Bhatia adds, “A sport like Kho Kho not only promotes physical wellness but also teamwork, discipline and resilience. At TreeHouse, we endeavor to nurture well-rounded individuals and foster an environment where students can thrive in all aspects of life. The dedication and accomplishments of these students will serve as an inspiration to their peers and we hope to produce many more champions in the near future.”

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