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·         Only OEM in India to design, develop, and manufacture EV motor, battery, BMS, infotainment and VCU: end-to-end EV technology

·         Company reiterated its commitment to invest INR 5,000 crore for future technologies, products, and digital capabilities 

 New Delhi, February 03, 2024: TVS Motor Company (TVSM) – a leading global automaker that operates in the two and three-wheeler segments – showcased a suite of its made in India, made for the world mobility solutions to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024. The Company exports close to $1 billion, 30% of its annual volume, and has a presence in 80 countries – a testimony to India’s engineering and technological prowess, a celebration of Atmanirbhar Bharat. The company’s focus on clean, connected, and technologically advanced mobility solutions will further support Atmanirbhar Bharat and take its exports share to 50% in the next few years.

 Sudarshan Venu, Managing Director, TVS Motor Company thanked the Prime Minister for his visionary leadership and making India the fastest growing large economy. He reiterated the company’s commitment to invest INR 5,000 crores (USD 600 MN) towards the design, development and deployment of future technologies, products, and digital capabilities. TVSM is the only OEM in India to have end-to-end inhouse EV and connected capabilities including battery manufacturing, battery management system, vehicle control unit and infotainment systems. It has more than 650 EV related patents, with 2,000+ engineers working on advanced technologies such as material science, electric powertrain, and data science. Its leading the industry in cutting edge smart connectivity and digital technologies. The company recently launched TVS X – the world’s most advanced connected, electric scooter is a demonstration of its research and engineering capability. TVS iQube – its flagship electric scooter, already has 250,000 customers.

Sudarshan Venu, who spent the day at the Expo, said, “We are honoured and very energised by the Prime Minister’s interest in our company’s roadmap. Thanks to the Prime Minister’s leadership and the supportive policy environment created by the Government, India has become a hotbed for innovation and a global manufacturing base. TVS Motor is excited to be playing its part in this journey. Our core is engineering and R&D, and this is driven by 2,000+ passionate engineers backed by solid design and development capability. Our vision is to transform the quality of life of our customers, and redefine the future of mobility with technology, connectivity, and cutting edge design.” 

 TVSM at the Bharat Mobility Expo has for the first time put on display, Norton motorcycle. Norton is an iconic 125 year old motorcycle brand, acquired by TVS Motor and under its leadership is being transformed for a global play. The Company is investing in global talent and a range of new products which will be ready by 2025.

 Visitors also get a chance to see the company’s other product ranges, its focus on empowering women and youth both within and outside its factories, its global outlook and its community work. Among the attractions is a chance to see footage of flora and fauna from the world’s first and only bio-reserve within an automotive company campus. Visitors may also chance upon and meet Aishwarya Pissay a part of the TVS Racing team and a women biker of international repute.


1.       TVS X – the world’s most advanced connected, electric scooter proudly made in India. This revolutionary machine sets a new benchmark in the global electric mobility industry with its stunning design, unmatched performance, and cutting-edge tech features, carving out a new category in the electric mobility segment.

2.       TVS iQube: TVSM’s flagship electric two-wheeler launched in 2020. It has led the mass adoption of EV mobility in India.

3.       Participation of women in value creation – EV Battery Assembly lines led by a team that has 65% women, 150+ women engineers in R&D, pioneering women racing with the first and only women factory racing team.

4.       TVS Apache 310 Series – a result of the symbiotic partnership with BMW, stands as a testament to international collaboration. 

5.       Norton Motorcycles – an iconic brand that is being transformed for a global play with a dedicated engineering and technology development centre set up in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

6.       TVS Connected Services – transforms daily commutes by elevating rider experience through seamless integration of smart watch, mobile phone, vehicle and at-home devices by offering convenience, safety and personalised solutions.

7.       Sustainable Manufacturing practices – 88% energy needs met through renewable sources, 8 MW solar power, 35 MW wind power, 22 MN litres of rainwater harvesting capacity.

8.       A display of community interventions by Srinivasan Service Trust – which has served 1.6 MN people in 2,500 villages, so far.

9.       E-bikes from EGO Movement 

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