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Ahmedabad Graduate Breaks Stereotypes, Lands Dream Job with CTC 300% higher compared to peers

Ahmedabad, Nisarg Jani, a determined graduate from Ahmedabad, emerged triumphant against uncertainties and doubts to pursue his ambitions. In a job market saturated with entry-level positions offering modest monthly incomes ranging from Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000, Nisarg, like many of his peers, faced a daunting challenge. Compounded by the lack of placement support from his college, Nisarg’s journey showcases resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Undeterred by the challenges, Nisarg charted a different course. In a bold move, he chose to overcome the uncertainties surrounding online learning platforms and enrolled in the upGrad Data science with artificial intelligence course, driven by the belief that skills hold greater worth than immediate monetary gains.

His journey was not without obstacles. Friends and family expressed concerns, cautioning him about the potential risks of online learning. Nevertheless, Nisarg remained steadfast in his commitment, trusting his instincts. He dedicated six full months to the Data science with artificial intelligence course curriculum, learning from industry professionals who simplified complex concepts and provided practical insights. Nisarg further expressed his gratitude to have been able to from data analysts at Swiggy, gaining valuable real-world experience.

His perseverance helped him secure a position as a Business Analyst at Tredence with a 300% higher CTC compared to his class.

Reflecting on his transformative experience, Nisarg shared, “Many people questioned the efficacy and effectiveness of this course and whether it would lead to an actual tangible outcome. But I continued to believe in the value of learning and skills enhancement.  Now, holding the highest-paying job in my class, I attribute my success to the impeccable guidance I received from the industry leaders through the course of the program. They not only taught us the practical application of concepts but also shaped my professional journey.”

Nisarg’s journey highlights the life-changing impact of education and the value of believing in oneself, especially when faced with uncertainty. His story has inspired many others, reminding them that with determination, patience, and the right skills, anything can be possible.

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