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Celebrating Women’s Day with Action: Zypp Electric Plans to Empower 2000 Women Riders

Zypp Electric plans to deploy 2000 women rider partners in 12 Months-Expecting to onboard at least 20,000 delivery partners to be women

Gurugram, March 08, 2024: In celebration of International Women’s Day, Zypp Electric, India’s leading tech-enabled EV-as-a-service platform, announced a pioneering initiative to empower women within the green mobility sector. The company plans to deploy more than 2,000 women rider partners in 12 Months, marking a significant step towards fostering gender equality and creating empowering opportunities for women in the EV sector. Zypp Electric also plans to deploy 200K EVs in the next 24 months and is expecting industry support to onboard at least 10% i.e. 20,000 delivery partners to be women.

Zypp Electric is taking significant strides towards gender inclusivity in the electric vehicle industry. With a commitment to diversity, every new hiring within the company is first open to women hires, promoting equal opportunities.

To further encourage women to join as driver-partners, Zypp offers a special joining bonus of INR 2000, alongside a tailored assurance plan ensuring their safety and support. Recognizing the importance of skill development, Zypp organizes training batches specifically for women, empowering them to become mechanics or technicians within the maintenance teams.

Moreover, Zypp is actively collaborating with various NGOs and impact organizations to enhance female representation in the EV sector, thereby fostering a more inclusive and equitable industry landscape.

This initiative is a bold move to challenge gender norms and promote eco-friendly transportation solutions while supporting women’s financial independence. Zypp Electric has 340 women riders within the company, who benefit from the earnings amounting to more than Rs. 25,000.

Rashi Agarwal, Co-Founder & CBO, Zypp Electric, shares her vision for an inclusive workforce that champions gender equality, stating, “At Zypp Electric, we believe in leading by example when it comes to promoting gender equality and providing equal opportunities. Our women riders and employees are integral to our success, and we are committed to supporting them through favourable policies, training programs and an enabling work environment. The intent is to diversify our fleet, provide opportunities to women, and enable them to earn through our platform. This initiative is a step towards a future where our roads are filled with empowered women riders contributing to the economy, growth and sustainability.

Zypp Electric’s initiative extends beyond employing women as rider partners. The company takes a women-first approach in all its operations, employing women in traditionally male-dominated roles such as mechanics, ensuring that women are empowered at all levels of the organization.

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