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Healthy Snacking Start-up Debuts in Ahmedabad: Ragi Bhakhris and Khakhras to fun extruded options

Ahmedabad, 20, March, 2024: Ahmedabad based revolutionary start-up Nurasoi announces its launch alongside its debut brand, Vyndo committed to clean, delicious snacks made with millets and superfoods. Founded by Dietician Komal Patel and agriculturist-cum-business strategist Chandan Maloo in December 2023, Nurasoi is dedicated to creating an ecosystem that promotes healthy living and bids farewell to gimmicks.

Vyndo, the first brand in line by Nurasoi is already present at more than 500 stores in Gujarat and 10 e-com platforms enjoying a retention rate of a whopping 70%. The brand’s unique approach lies in its foundation: using the right combinations of millets with flavourful traditional methodologies. Vyndo tops these creations with superfood powerhouses like quinoa, chia seeds, and flaxseed, specifically catering to the growing demand for high-protein, fiber-rich healthy options.

Vyndo offers a diverse product range catering to all age groups. From delectable traditional snacks like bhakhris and khakhras to fun extruded options, Vyndo caters to a wide variety of taste preferences. The brand is committed to further expansion, aiming to reach 42 SKUs within the next 6 months, building on its existing selection of 18 SKUs.

By flagging off with Vyndo, the parent company seeks to create a holistic ecosystem that nurtures well-being whilst inculcating healthy habits amongst individuals. Additionally, their “Women Entrepreneur Sales (WE Sales)” program empowers women to become financially independent by being part of the distribution network of Vyndo. This program has already helped over 30 women in a short span of time build their own income and identity.

Vyndo breaks the myth that healthy snacks have to be expensive. Their innovative distribution system ensures easy availability and local sourcing of ethically grown raw material ensures affordable prices, making it easy for everyone to choose clean over processed. With these USPs, Vyndo is all set to disrupt the existing snacking landscape currently dominated by unhealthy options, aiming to reach 7000 shops and supermarkets by September 2024.

Delighted by the reviews received on their product and concept, Chandan says, With Vyndo, we’re not just launching a snack brand; we’re building a movement. Vyndo is our solution to fill the gap in the market where healthy options are either unappealing or expensive. Vyndo bridges that gap by offering clean snacks with no gimmicks, at accessible prices. We’re confident that Vyndo will resonate with consumers in Gujarat and beyond.”

Bringing her recipes out to the world, an extremely contented Komal says, As a dietician, I believe that food is all about nurturing and nourishing. The concept of good and bad food is an outcome of adulteration done to unethically scale businesses. With Vyndo all we want is to prove that “healthy” food is everyone’s right and not luxury. Vyndo isn’t about sacrifice; it’s about indulging in guilt-free, delicious treats that nourish your body.”

Nurasoi, with Vyndo leading the charge, is poised to revolutionize the snacking landscape. Their commitment to delicious, nutritious options, coupled with social impact initiatives, positions them as a powerful force for positive change. With ambitious expansion plans and a focus on accessibility, Vyndo is well on its way to becoming a household name synonymous with healthy indulgence.

 About Nurasoi: NURAsoi, founded by Komal Patel, a leading dietician, and Chandan Maloo, a sustainable farming expert and entrepreneur, is a young firm established in the year 2023. Their mission is to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem where healthy eating becomes the guiding star for a mindful and nourishing lifestyle. Inspired by Komal’s struggle to find healthy on-the-go options for her clients and Chandan’s belief in making balanced nutrition accessible and affordable to all, NURAsoi offers delicious, personalized, and convenient yet clean food alternatives packed with true ingredients.

NURAsoi envisions a world where healthy living is effortlessly integrated into thriving communities, empowering individuals and celebrating their collective well-being. At the core of NURAsoi lies the belief that everyone deserves equal access to the tools and resources for optimal health and the company pursues this with empathy and integrity as their guiding principles.

The team at NURAsoi deeply believes that deliciousness and nutrition can co-exist; thus, harnessing honesty, creativity and innovation to craft incredible taste experiences with real, wholesome ingredients is their way to go. NURAsoi takes immense pride in offering to the world, products that are designed using ingredients responsibly and sustainably, partnering with farmers who share their commitment to the environment and ethical sourcing.

Equally driving their passion is the belief that healthy food should harmoniously fit into busy lives. NURAsoi empowers individuals with convenient, ethical, and delicious on-the-go options, proving that well-being doesn’t require compromise.

NURAsoi’s commitment to fostering a healthy planet alongside healthy individuals permeates through every aspect of their operations; from sourcing responsibly grown, ethically produced ingredients to minimizing waste and maximizing eco-friendly practices. Employing sustainable agricultural methods, prioritizing local, seasonal produce and using recyclable and reusable packaging alternatives the company ensures that they minimize their environmental footprint.

Company Core Values:

  • Clarity:Guided by a clear purpose, NURAsoi envisions a healthier future for all
  • Empathy:NURAsoi understands their customer’s needs and the desire for nutritious and affordable food
  • Agility:Constantly adapting and evolving, NURAsoi eagerly embraces new knowledge and insights to improve their offerings
  • Commitment:We are dedicated to crafting high-quality, nourishing food.
  • Integrity:NURAsoi holds integrity as their cornerstone, valuing honesty and transparency in all their endeavours.
  • Rationality:A perfect blend of emotions and insights, guides NURAsoi’s decisions towards impactful solutions.


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