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Gandhinagar University concludes Jazba 2024 with electrifying performance by Salim Suliaiman

Gandhinagar, Gujarat – Gandhinagar University (GU) is making headlines once again, but this time not just for its academic prowess but for its groundbreaking blend of academic innovation and cultural extravaganza. Last night, the entire city experienced musical euphoria, while the campus came alive with the electrifying performance by the renowned Bollywood duo SalimSulaiman and event hosted by popular RJRockboy, left the audience mesmerized and craving for more.

Bollywood chartbuster musician and composer duo Salim and Sulaiman Merchant performing at Gandhinagar University campus set the stage on fire with their energetic performance and the crowd had been dancing and singing along the live music. “It feels like coming home whenever we land in Gujarat, we to love indulge in authentic delicacies, specially the Gujarati thali served here. The warmth of people, their simple lifestyle and the atmosphere here is quiet loving and hospitable, a day feels short and later evening we entertain the audience with our music” says Salim Merchant. Popular Gujarati singer BhoomiTrivedi also performed as a part of their band.

Ms. Vinita Rohera, the charismatic Vice President of Gandhinagar University, visionary women behind the entire event expressed her pride in hosting renowned artists like SalimSulaiman for her students, “ At Gandhinagar University we organized various festivals for students,  providing them platform to showcase their talent. Jazba is our annual cultural festival and Jazba 2024 saw as record number of five thousand plus participants from across Gujarat as a inter university competition. Along with GU faculties there were around two hundred and fifty students who have been working passionately to execute the event, thus as a token of appreciation to all we organize concert and I selected SalimSulaiman as they are the best we have in music industry now.”

Jazba, the much-awaited cultural festival organized by Gandhinagar University, stands as a beacon of artistic expression and talent showcasing for students across educational institutions. Months of meticulous planning and preparation preceded the event, ensuring a seamless blend of competitions and mentorship opportunities under the guidance of industry experts. Jazba 2024 witnessed an unprecedented surge in student participation from all colleges and universities.

Mentor and jury member Mr. TapanVyas reflected on the rigorous selection process and months of preparation leading up to the event, while Bollywood director Mr. WinayMahajan praised Ms. Rohera’s organizational prowess, acknowledging the platform provided for students to showcase their talents.

Gandhinagar University meets new heights, exemplified by the recent collaboration with GIEEE’s Blending Learning Program (BLP). Dr. Kamalesh V.N, Vice Chancellor of Gandhinagar University, affirmed GU’s dedication to setting new standards in academic and cultural spheres, providing students with state-of-the-art resources for their academic and artistic endeavors.

As the curtains close on Jazba 2024, the high jazba of students lingers, setting the stage for even more remarkable events in the future.

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