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Mumbai, Basking in the glory, The Great Indian Kapil Show has been enjoying success week on week since its launch. Netflix’s The Great Indian Kapil Show is back with one of Bollywood’s most iconic sibling duo – the Deol brothers (Sunny and Bobby Deol) in its upcoming episode this Saturday.

In this episode, the Deol brothers share everything from nostalgic callbacks to gratitude for their recent successes, but the sweetest moment comes from Bobby Deol’s heartwarming story about his father Dharmendra ji.

After a blockbuster year, stealing the show  and earning rave reviews for his stellar performance as ‘Abrar’ in ANIMAL, Bobby Deol has been on cloud nine. But did you know what truly melts his heart? Making his legendary father, Dharmendra, beam with pride! In a heartfelt moment, Bobby reveals  a sweetest interaction with his father, post the success of ANIMAL, where the legendary icon couldn’t help but shower his son with praise.

Talking about the incident, Bobby Deol shared, “Every son wants to see that happiness in their father’s eyes and I’ve always looked up to my father so much… I had returned home after a week and dad had been scrolling through Instagram…he stopped me and then exclaimed ‘Bob, people are crazy about you!’ And  I responded, ‘I am your son, why wouldn’t they be crazy about me?’”

We are not crying, you are!  It’s moments like these that remind us that no matter how high Bobby Deol soars in his career, his love and admiration for his father will always reign supreme. After all, we can all agree, the swagger and confidence he exudes definitely runs in the Deol blood!

For more such anecdotes about your favorite Bollywood celebrities, don’t forget to tune in to The Great Indian Kapil Show, every Saturday on Netflix, at 8 pm!

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