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Godrej Security Solutions Unveils Next-Gen Innovations at Secure 4.0

Reinforcing Home and Institutional Security Standards in Gujarat

~  Godrej Security Solutions proudly hosted Secure 4.0—an event that spotlighted the foremost advancements in home & institutional security from the renowned brand. ~

Gujarat, 8th May 2024: Godrej Security Solutions, a division of Godrej & Boyce, announced the launch of its news and updated range of home security ‘The NX Pro Plus’, ‘NX Advanced’, ‘Verge Series’ and ‘Dream Box’, Smart Fog and Gold Testing Machine under the aegis of its flagship property- Secure 4.0. The latest line up has been designed to cater to the security needs of different age groups within the modern Indian households. This deliberate expansion seeks to deliver enhanced security and increased convenience to consumers, with the objective of boosting the home locker segment by an additional 30% this year.

Commenting on the announcement Mr Pushkar Gokhale, Business Head, Godrej Security Solutions, said,  Our journey at Godrej Security Solutions is marked by our commitment to innovation and the delivery of effective solutions that align with our customers’ changing security requirements.

PushkarGokhale – Business Head at Godrej Security Solutions

The launch of the new range of home lockers’, ‘Smart Fog’  and ‘Accugold’ Gold purity Testing machine, represents a significant leap forward in security solutions. We have invested significantly in research and development, allowing us to introduce state-of-the-art Solutions that bolster the security of both institutions and homes.

We are excited to present these breakthrough products as a part of our Secure 4.0 initiative, and confident that these shall empower all our Customers including Jewellers, with unparalleled protection and peace of mind.”

As consumers seek upgrades in fashion, travel, and technology, we urge them to prioritize their home security as well which will help them to secure their happiness and peace of mind. Our latest innovations in the home locker category offer enhanced security, and  complements the modern aesthetics and lifestyle choices of our discerning consumers.

By persistently innovating and incorporating sophisticated designs with cutting-edge technologies, we aspire to redefine the landscape of home security and establish Godrej Security Solutions as the epitome of Security.”

Recognising the distinct security needs of Gujarat residents and the increasing emphasis on home security, the brand sees a significant opportunity to strengthen its foothold in the home lockers market. With a robust presence in Gujarat boasting, Godrej Security Solutions commands an impressive 75 % market share and aims to further increase it to 80% . The brand is set to expand further by introducing upgraded home lockers and safes with advanced locking mechanisms, prioritizing security while integrating smart features for an enhanced customer experience.

The range of innovations showcased at the Secure 4.0 also included ‘SmartFog’ which is a powerful fogging security system enabled to stop intruders in their tracks. In addition to that, Godrej Security Solutions has also introduced AccuGold – A Gold Testing Machine to determine gold purity with the highest accuracy. This machine is designed to give you the composition of the ornament under testing, without damaging the ornament. Whether you are a jeweller, a bank or a financial institution, this machine is the perfect addition to your business

With innovative solutions tailored to diverse needs, the company offers a comprehensive range of new home lockers designed to meet the demands of modern households. The other products like NX Pro Plus and NX Advanced home lockers come with multiple locking mechanism like digital, biometric and mechanical. In addition to this, Godrej Security Solutions has launched Dream Box; home lockers for kids, to inculcate the habit of safekeeping at a young age. With Indian consumers opting for smarter homers which are high on aesthetics, the Verge Series from Godrej is a range of personal lockers that helps Indian consumers to elevate the style quotient of their homes while safeguarding their daily essentials.

In response to the growing demand for home lockers in the region, the brand is aligning its vision to deliver top-tier security solutions and emerge as the preferred choice for gifting purposes. With an extensive market reach of 3500 retail counters nationwide, Godrej Security Solutions aims to reinforce its channel partner presence thus enriching its omnichannel footprint. These counters are e strategically positioned ensuring easy access for customers seeking Godrej Security Solutions’ products and services. Out of total 34 districts we are present in 32 districts of Gujarat and 350+ outlets with 200 outlets in Major cities like Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot and 150 outlets in upcountry towns. We are planning to add 100 more outlets this year with presence across all the districts of Gujarat.

As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation and addressing the unique demands of the Gujarat market, Godrej Security Solutions is actively developing products that will set new standards in home security. These offerings encompass cutting-edge design, durability enhancements, and seamless integration of smart technologies. The brand’s dedication to excellence is further reinforced through its robust partnership network, positioning it as a key player in the security solutions landscape in Gujarat and beyond.

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