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ONGC launches eco-friendly Cementing units in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad | 10 May 2024, Energy Maharatna ONGC announced the launch of four innovative Cementing units in Ahmedabad in a move towards technological advancement and environmental sustainability. Cementing is the process of fixing a casing cylinder (using a cement slurry) after the latter is lowered in an oil well.

The state-of-the-art Cementing units boast advanced technology designed to enhance performance, quality, and environmental compliance. The automation capabilities, including auto mode operation and comprehensive data recording, signify a leap forward in operational efficiency and safety.

ONGC Director (T&FS) Om Prakash Singh flagging off the newly inducted Cementing units at Ahmedabad

From a technical and operational standpoint, these units are equipped with the latest slurry mixing system which provides cement slurry of better consistency, whose parameters can be controlled with greater precision than the older version of Cementing units.

The new mixing system in the new cementing units is capable of being operated in auto mode (where the desired parameters are achieved by automatic control of the system) and is a great leap over the completely manual system of older cementing units.

These units are also equipped with a computer and software that record the important technical parameters during cementing jobs and generate reports that may be important for analysis and record-keeping purposes.

Director (T&FS) OM Prakash Singh with the Ahmedabad Cementing Team  -The mixing system of the new Cementing units also results in much lesser dry cement ejection in the vicinity reducing the operational/health hazard significantly. The induction of new Cementing units will infuse technical expertise and innovation in practices and result in better-quality of cementing jobs.

The induction of these units aligns with ONGC’s commitment to sustainable practices. The new units are BS-6 compliant, reiterating ONGC’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

The Ahmedabad Cementing Services now equipped with these innovative units, stands ready to support drilling and work-over operations with enhanced technical expertise and innovation. In FY23-24, the unit successfully executed 645 jobs, underscoring its indispensable role in operational efficiency and project success.

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