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Rajkummar Rao shares his very first Photoshoot experience – Where He got conned!


The Great Indian Kapil Show. (L to R) Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor, Kapil Sharma in The Great Indian Kapil Show. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

 After a fulfilling dose of entertainment with Anil Kapoor and Farah Khan, the 10th episode of Netflix’s The Great Indian Kapil Show is set to welcome the talented duo Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor, stars of the upcoming film Mr & Mrs Mahi, as guests this week at 8 PM only on Netflix.

The dynamic pair will take the audience on a laughter spiral, sharing humorous anecdotes and engaging in playful banter. Talking about his initial days, Rajkummar Rao shares an incident where he was conned by someone who falsely promised him an acting debut, adding a touch of humor to the otherwise daunting experience.

Kapil Sharma asks Rajkummar Rao about the incident, “I have heard about Rajkummar, that someone scammed him. He took 10,000 from him saying he would make him an actor. Is it true?”

Narrating the incident, Rajkummar shares, “It was quite filmy actually. I had read a cutting in a newspaper that a show was being made for TV. I was in 11th standard. We didn’t know the difference between TV and films. I just wanted to act. So I called them and (this person) asked me to meet him. I cycled all the way to South Ext in Delhi. They had a typical office. The man had a photo with everyone from Gulshan Grover to Raza Murad.

I thought he knew everyone. He said it would cost me 10,000 rupees for a photo shoot. My mother borrowed money and gave me 10,000 rupees and he then got my photoshoot done at Kalindi Kunj Park. Then I got a call that I had been selected. I was on my knees thinking I made it in life. I was all set. After three days, when I went to meet him that place was empty. The office was locked and no one was there. I asked people around me about it. They said, what happened, are you here to act? I said yes. They told me they had run away.”

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