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LinkedIn reveals fastest growing jobs, functions and industries for fresh graduates in India

Software Engineer, System Engineer and Programming Analyst are the top jobs for bachelor’s degree holders

India, 29 May, 2024: For fresh graduates looking to enter the job market, LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, today revealed new data about the fastest growing roles, industries, functions and skills in India. LinkedIn data reveals that design, analytics and programming are the top skills for entry-level roles today.

Companies continue to embrace flexibility in 2024, with the trend toward more flexible working arrangements growing significantly. Solely on-site roles are declining by 15% and hybrid positions are surging by 52% for entry-level roles year-over-year. This shift provides fresh graduates with a wider range of work arrangements to choose from and pursue.

Utilities is the fastest-growing industry for young professionals with a bachelor’s degree, as per LinkedIn’s Career Starter 2024 report. Other top industries hiring fresh graduates include Oil, Gas and Mining, Real Estate, Equipment Rental Services, and Consumer Services. Additionally, those without a bachelor’s degree have plenty of opportunities in the Education, Technology and Information and Media sectors.

LinkedIn’s data reveals a diverse range of top jobs for professionals with different educational qualifications. Bachelor’s degree holders can explore roles like Software Engineer, System Engineer and Programming Analyst. A growing number of Masters holders are being hired as Software Engineer and Data Analyst. Those without a degree can find fulfilling careers in roles like Software Engineer, Secretary and Design Engineer.

Regardless of educational background, various job functions are experiencing rapid growth. Ample opportunities are available for bachelor’s degree holders in fields like Community and Social Services, Legal, Marketing and Media and Communication. For individuals without a bachelor’s degree, there are also plenty of job opportunities across Education, Human Resources, Marketing and Media & Communication.

“Entering a tight job market can be tough, especially at the start of a career journey. Staying updated on industry trends and in-demand jobs, and exploring roles that might not seem obvious at first, can widen options. Many skills today are transferable across industries, and the rise of AI is creating more tech-related roles across various fields, leading companies to seek professionals with diverse educational backgrounds. These hiring trends reflect broader economic patterns like those in the energy sector. To expand their horizons, job seekers must keep strengthening their skills and networking with professionals,” says Nirajita Banerjee, LinkedIn Career Expert & India Senior Managing Editor.

LinkedIn’s tips for people beginning their job hunt this year: 

  1. Showcase your skills on your LinkedIn profile to increase your visibility among recruiters. LinkedIn will also use the skills you list to match you with relevant job openings that you might not have been aware of before.
  2. Signal your interest in new job opportunities with LinkedIn’s Open to Work feature and complement this by posting your own content around relevant trends or reflections and engaging meaningfully with relevant content from potential employers. Your next employer might just be one comment away.
  3. Think outside the box. A growing number of industries outside of tech are hiring for roles that require programming skills amid the emergence of AI. Keep career transition trends like these in mind as you seek out your next role as this will widen your pool of opportunities. Participate in LinkedIn groups related to your skill sets. This is a great way to network and find out more about the wider pool of opportunities available.

To help graduates improve their skills, LinkedIn is also releasing free LinkedIn Learning courses until 30 June 2024:

Read LinkedIn’s 2024 Guide to Kickstarting Your Career to learn more about how fresh graduates can build a career in the fastest growing industries in India.


To compile this report, data scientists on LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team analysed millions of member profiles and job postings. Because protecting our members’ privacy is our first priority, our data contains only anonymized, aggregated datasets that meet strict data quality thresholds.

In the team’s analysis, bachelor’s grads represent members who received a bachelor’s as their latest degree. Non-bachelor’s grads are members who received a high school degree, associate degree or completed an apprenticeship as their latest form of training. The team primarily examined members who received a degree in 2023, calculated the share of members for each job title, industry and region, then ranked those by year-over-year growth.

For remote job trends, the team compared the share of all jobs posted on LinkedIn that were listed as remote, hybrid or on-site in Jan./Feb. 2023 and Jan./Feb. 2024. Job seniority was provided by the job poster or directly inferred from the listing. The LinkedIn Hiring Rate (LHR) is the percentage of LinkedIn members who added a new employer to their profile in the same month the new job began, divided by the total number of LinkedIn members in a specific cohort. Company size was determined based on information from the company’s LinkedIn page.

Note: The LinkedIn Learning path linked in this article is unlocked for all members until June 30.

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