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Greaves Finance introduces “evfin”, the 100% ev-focused lending platform, in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, June 12, 2024: Greaves Finance Ltd., a non-banking financial company (NBFC), has launched its groundbreaking financial platform called “evfin” in Ahmedabad.  evfin is India’s first consumer finance lending platform dedicated to electric mobility and other sustainable solutions, supported by an advanced digital suite, and innovative asset management solutions.

To expedite the transition towards electric vehicles amidst their increasing adoption, it is crucial to address the complete lifecycle journey of EV usage for consumers.  evfin offers an unprecedented suite of innovative experiences.  This suite ensures a superior EV journey throughout the ownership lifecycle, providing accessible and cost-effective financing options.  Positioned to expedite the transition towards electric mobility, Ahmedabad joins the ranks of pioneering cities embracing this transformative financial initiative.

Earlier this year, evfin had announced its partnership with Ather Energy, one of the leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India.  Further, evfin offerings are also available in all leading EV 2-wheeler OEM dealerships like Ampere from Greaves, Vida from Hero Motor Corp, OLA Electric, Bajaj Chetak and TVS iQube in your city.

evfin offers customers exclusive access to a diverse range of financing solutions customised to cater to their individual needs and preferences and aims to revolutionise the electric vehicle ownership experience, enhancing convenience and appeal for potential EV owners.

evfin customers will have an exclusive privilege of accessing curated financing schemes, each thoughtfully tailored to accommodate a diverse range of needs and preferences with a core focus on buyback and upgrade.

evfin has options like zip.fin for those who are looking for the lowest interest rates, eco.fin for those who value eco-friendliness and affordability, smart.fin for the tech-savvy early adopters with assured buyback options, ride.fin for the daily commuters looking for low EMIs, and protect.fin for those who crave assurance.  These choices allows one to select what aligns best with their financial goals and overall peace of mind.

evfin stands out from traditional EV financing options through its innovative approach and unique features and services tailored to address consumers’ concerns when considering electric vehicle purchases.  To tackle these concerns, evfin proposes to offer “assisted buying” providing custom recommendations based on individual needs and circumstances.  This personalised guidance helps

one make informed choices about their EV purchase.  The protection plans include extended warranties and locked-in resale prices, giving customers confidence that their EV will retain its value.

The partnership between evfin and Ather Energy is a testament to their commitment to accelerating electric mobility adoption in India.  As the country moves towards a greener and more sustainable future, this collaboration will facilitate EV ownership and contribute to a cleaner environment.

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