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Yamaha Organises Mega Mileage Challenge Activity in Vadodara

Vadodara, India Yamaha Motor (IYM), along with its authorised dealerships Harshil Motors, Dynamic Motors and Yatie Wheells, organized a ‘Mega Mileage Challenge Activity’ in Vadodara, today. The mega mileage challenge activity witnessed participation by 46 Yamaha customers, while over 100 customers took part in several engagement activities organized by the brand.

The aim of organizing the Mega Mileage Challenge Activity is to raise awareness among a broader audience about the exceptional fuel efficiency of Yamaha Hybrid scooters, specifically the Fascino 125.

The Mega Mileage Challenge event kicked off in Vadodara with a briefing session for the participants. During this session, experts shared insights on effective riding techniques and outlined the designated route for the journey. Following the briefing, Yamaha scooters were fueled up before embarking on a 24-kilometre ride, covering diverse driving conditions like city traffic, uneven terrain, and open roads.

This allowed participants to evaluate firsthand the scooter’s suspension, manoeuvrability, braking, acceleration, and initial pick-up. Upon completing the ride and returning to the venue, scooters were refuelled to their initial level, and the fuel consumption was recorded for mileage calculation.

As a gesture of gratitude, each participant was rewarded with exclusive souvenirs, along with a complimentary vehicle wash to ensure a pristine appearance. Furthermore, Yamaha’s commitment to customer satisfaction was exemplified through a comprehensive 10-point inspection, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety for all vehicles of customers who participated in this challenge.

Among the participation, below are the top 5 winners and in appreciation of their accomplishments, they were presented with trophies, certificates, and gift cards:

Winner Customer Name Mileage Achieved
1 Kishan Sisodiya 92 KMPL
2 Ramesh Parmar 91 KMPL
3 Sriee Patel 88 KMPL
4 Ramnaresh 86 KMPL
5 Nitin Adial 83 KMPL


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