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Yashvi Patel Shines in Bharata Natyam Debut at Nruti School’s Arangetram Event in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, The” Nruti School of Classical Dances and Performing Arts” presented the ‘Arangetram’ of Ms. Yashvi Patel, on June 30, 2024, at Dinesh Hall, Ahmedabad.”Ms. Yashvi Patel, a disciple of Nruti School of Classical Dances and Performing Arts in Ahmedabad, performed her Arangetram, after rigorous dance training in the ‘Bharata Natyam’ style under the guidance of Kala Guru Ms. Bhairavi Hemant, who is also the Director of Nruti School of Classical Dances and Performing Arts. Ms. Yashvi’s first stage performance was held before invited guests and well-wishers.

Among the special guests were Shri Nitinbhai Patel, the then Deputy Chief Minister, Padmashri Shri Joravarsinh ji Jadav, Vice Chairman of Sangeet Natak Academy, and Shri Utsav Parmar, Deputy Director of Doordarshan, Ahmedabad. Ms. Yashvi, an Indian-origin US citizen, has been staying in India for the last 9 years, specifically to immerse herself in Indian culture and environment.

She and her parents will return to their home in the US shortly after her maiden performance. Twenty of her relatives and friends came to Ahmedabad from the US to witness her show, the Nritya Aradhana Parva. Blessed by her Kala Guru, Mrs. Bhairavi Hemant, and her parents, Mrs. Bhumi and Mr. Amit Patel, Ms. Yashvi Patel intends to carry forward the glorious heritage of Indian arts and culture to the US and other cultures around the world.”Ms. Yashvi Patel said, “I am very happy that many loved ones from America joined this special event to witness my festival of dance worship and enjoy the glorious occasion.

Also, I am proud to present “Arangetram” in Bharatanatyam style in the presence of invited guests and relatives. The program was choreographed and curated by Mrs. Bhairavi Hemant, Director, Nruti Institute.Mrs. Bhairavi Hemant, the multi-talented Dance-Guru transformed novice Ms. Yashvi Patel into a classical dancer.

Kala Guru Mrs. Bhairavi Hemant is also known as an excellent choreographer and an eminent art appreciator and judge. She is popular among viewers for her anchoring and news reading on television.

A teen-age Ms. Bhairavi received training in the Bharatanatyam dance style at Darpan Academy, founded by Padma Vibhushan and Padma Shri Mrs. Mrunalini Sarabhai. Padma Shri Chathunni Panicker was her kala Guru at Darpan Academy It is worth mentioning that Mrs. Bhairavi Hemant is a multi-talented artist.

Apart from being a dance guru, she is also an excellent choreographer, program director, art critic and performance judge as well as a very popular artist on the Gujarati big screen, anchor and news reader. The Guru Bhairavi Hemant was bestowed with the most prestigious ‘Gaurav Puraskar’ for her contribution in the field of dance and art her contribution in the field of dance, art and media.

She is also honoured with the ‘Dr. Kalam’s Smriti Excellence Award’ for her excellence in the Dances and Arts Ms. Yashvi Patel presented the beautiful padam (a dance lyric) “Shri Ramchandra Kripalu Bhajaman”, The old prayer was composed by Shri Tulsidas ji, were in “Sita Swayamvar” (marriage of her choice), and:” Sita Haran” (kidnapping Sita) episodes were presented in a touching and an emotional form.
The melodious music direction and the wonderful choreography by Guru Bhairavi Hemant, besides the pure classical performance of Bharatnatyam style dance by Ms. Yashvi won everyone’s heart in the auditorium.

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