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An Ahmedabad based company wins big at the fourth edition of Tally MSME Honours

Ahmedabad, 08th July 2024: Tally Solutions, a leading technology company innovating solutions for small and medium enterprises globally, announced the winner of the fourth edition of MSME Honours across India. In its fourth edition, Tally MSME Honours, supported by DBS (Development Bank of Singapore Limited) Bank and MyBiz by MakeMyTrip, recognized 100 MSMEs across India. A company from Ahmedabad named, Matrubharti Technologies Pvt Ltd., is amongst 19,000+ global nominations this year.

Tally MSME Honours is an annual initiative to recognize businesses and entrepreneurs for their contribution in the economic advancement of the nation. The honours recognize and celebrate the diversity and the positive impact of MSMEs through their best practices at the grass root level.

A platform to reckon with which is also being supported by several renowned organizations, this year the initiative reached the length & breadth of the country and honoured businesses from remote and smaller regions like Unnao, Agartala, Vapi, Asansol amongst others. This is a true testament of MSME Honours being an inclusive recognition platform to ensure that the real impact makers across the tiers of cities, segments and the unsung heroes driving the economy are celebrated. These honours are given out once a year on the occasion of International MSME day and are applicable to all types of businesses with a turnover less than 250 crores and a valid GSTIN.

Mahendra Sharma from Matrubharti Technologies Pvt Ltd. is honoured in the ‘Champion of Cause’ category. The company celebrates Indian literature and culture through a digital platform, promoting social impact and creative expression. Their commitment to nurturing regional content and supporting lesser-known writers reflects a dedication to cultural enrichment and societal well-being.

Celebrated across four zones (East, West, North and South) of the country, the honours were given across 5 categories:

·         Wonder Woman: Recognizing women who have overcome challenges to establish thriving businesses, inspiring others in the process.

·         Business Maestro: Celebrating seasoned professionals whose expertise and resilience serve as guiding beacons for aspiring entrepreneurs, laying the groundwork for enduring success.

·         New Gen Icon: Highlighting startups as dynamic leaders in the business landscape, pioneering fresh solutions to age-old challenges and carving out new paths for growth.

·         Tech Transformer: Honoring businesses at the forefront of technological advancement, leveraging digital tools to drive efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.

·         Champion of Cause: Acknowledging champions who prioritize the global well-being of MSMEs, making significant contributions towards fostering a more sustainable and inclusive business environment.

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