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Wockhardt Hospitals, Rajkot Introduces Advanced Neuro Navigation System for Enhanced Neurosurgical Precision

Rajkot – Wockhardt Hospitals, Rajkot, a premier healthcare facility committed to innovation and excellence in patient care, has announced the introduction of the Neuro Navigation System with Modern Configuration. As the first in the Saurashtra-Kutch region to acquire this cutting-edge technology, Wockhardt Hospitals, Rajkot, is set to revolutionize neurosurgical procedures, offering unprecedented precision and safety in the treatment of neurological conditions.

The Neuro Navigation System is designed to diagnose and treat a spectrum of neurological conditions including brain tumors, spinal cord tumors, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, aneurysms, trauma-related injuries, and hydrocephalus. This significant milestone is poised to enhance surgical safety, efficiency, and patient outcomes.

Dr. Kant Jogani, Senior Consultant- Brain and Spine Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, Rajkot, remarked, “The Neuro Navigation System is a game-changer for neurosurgery. Its precision allows us to perform complex procedures with heightened safety and efficiency. This technology positions Saurashtra as a prominent hub for cutting-edge neurological care.”

Dr. Viral Vasani, Consultant- Brain and Spine Surgeon, added, “This advancement will significantly improve patient recovery times and outcomes. It underscores our commitment to advancing medical care not only within our hospital but throughout the region.”

The system operates by seamlessly integrating pre-operative MRI or CT scans with real-time intra-operative data, providing surgeons with detailed 3D maps and precise guidance throughout procedures. Key benefits include reduced risks to healthy tissue, shorter surgery times, quicker recovery periods, and improved overall surgical outcomes.

Dr. Manish Agarwal, Centre Head, Wockhardt Hospitals, Rajkot, said, “As a hospital team, we are immensely proud to introduce the Neuro Navigation System to Saurashtra. This innovation reaffirms our dedication to delivering world-class neurological care and underscores our role as a leading center for advanced medical technologies in Western India.”

Distinguished by its advanced features such as 3D imaging capabilities, real-time instrument tracking, integrated software for data fusion, high accuracy in surgical targeting, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with multiple imaging modalities, the Neuro Navigation System sets a new standard in neurosurgical precision and patient safety. This system not only enhances the safety, accuracy, and effectiveness of neurosurgical procedures but also ensures that our patients receive the highest standard of care.

The introduction of the Neuro Navigation System at Wockhardt Hospitals, Rajkot, marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of neurological care in Saurashtra, bringing sophisticated medical technology typically found in metropolitan hospitals to the local community.


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