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Be transported to Surat with Zee TV’s Kyunki… Saas Maa, Bahu Beti Hoti Hai

Zee TV’s new fiction show follows a woman’s unconventional decision to adopt and raise her future bahu

Mumbai, 18th September 2023: Bringing stories that have resonated beautifully with Indian audiences over the last three decades, Zee TV has brought its viewers yet another thought-provoking fiction show – ‘Kyunki… Saas Maa, Bahu Beti Hoti Hai’. The story takes viewers to Gujarat, where amidst a vibrant Navratri celebration, a storm begins to brew within the Rajgaur family of Surat when the youngest bahu – Hetal seeks her share in the family property and wishes to move out with her husband.

This unexpected turn of events leaves Ambika, the eldest bahu devastated, as it has been her top-most priority to keep the family together. With an intense desire to disprove her sister-in-law’s belief that ‘Saas kabhi maa, aur Bahu kabhi beti nahi ban sakti’,

Ambika, takes a drastic step and adopts a baby left at the doorstep of their family orphanage, and plans to raise her – not as a beti but as a future bahu who’ll keep the family together. Produced by Guroudev Bhalla Screens LLP, this intriguing narrative has already hooked its audience as it airs every day at 6:30 pm, only on Zee TV!

Featuring an exciting ensemble cast of actors like Manasi Joshi Roy and Navika Kotia, the story is set in the beautiful city of Surat. Manasi Joshi Roy is seen essaying the role of the strong-willed Ambika, who lives by the principle that naye vicharon ke saath aage badhna achha hai, lekin hume apne barson se chale aa rahe sanskaron ko kabhi nahi bhulna chahiye. She adopts Kesar at a tender age and hopes to get her married to her son with her consent, of course, when both of them are mature enough to decide for themselves.

The show has already created a lot of chatter within the audience after the promo went on air where Ambika is seen taking an oath to change the societal thought process of ‘Saas kabhi maa, aur Bahu kabhi beti nahi ban sakti’. Playing the character of Kesar will be the beautiful Navika Kotia, who made quite an impact with her role as Sridevi’s daughter in English Vinglish. Kesar is ambitious but knows how to balance her own dreams along with the dreams of her family. What’s more, is that she has a ‘never give up’ attitude as she believes ‘ya toh jeet loge, ya toh seekh loge’.

Manasi Joshi Roy said, “I’m very happy to be playing a central character in a unique show like Kyunki… Saas Maa, Bahu Beti Hoti Hai. Ambika is a layered, author-backed role that any actor would aspire to play as it enriches you as a performer. The entire gamut of emotions that Ambika goes through will make the audience root for her throughout her journey.”

Navika Kotia said, “I am thrilled to bag my first lead role with this show, and I will forever be grateful to Zee TV as well as my production team for giving me this opportunity. Playing Kesar is really enjoyable as I am just like her in real life when it comes to balancing work and personal life.

The concept has never been explored on television before and as the story progresses, I am sure the audience will connect with the characters, as well as the message of the show that every Mother and daughter-in-law can be just like Maa Beti at the end of the day.”

Furthermore, she added, “I’d like to express my gratitude to the Gujarat media for sparing time from their hectic schedules to visit us on the set of our show, especially on the day of our first episode.”

Will Ambika and Kesar be able to disprove the notion that ‘Saas kabhi maa, aur Bahu kabhi beti nahi ban sakti’ and be successful in their endeavour of keeping the Rajgaurs together?

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