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Ambuja Cements encourages Learning Spaces with Community Library in Darlaghat

Ambuja Cements is supporting over 31 primary and 18 Middle schools in Darlaghat.

Himachal Pradesh, Ambuja Cements, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, has initiated a noteworthy project through its CSR arm – the establishment of a community library in Darlaghat village of Solan district. This initiative aims to enrich educational resources in the area and foster a culture of reading within the community.

The commencement of the community library project was initiated by the School Management Committee of Government Senior Secondary School (GSSS), Darlaghat, seeking Ambuja Cements’ expertise in overseeing the library’s establishment. Upon evaluating the existing space, it became apparent that the current library lacked sufficient seating for students and community members as it was confined to a small room within the school.

The enhancement of the library was meticulously planned and executed in collaboration with Ambuja Cements and school authorities. The financial support provided by Ambuja Cements was utilized for installing seating arrangements, bookshelves, and other essential components for the library.

Ambuja Cements recognized the importance of community participation in the initiative and urged the school management to engage the local community in contributing to the community library project. The involvement was aimed at fostering a sense of ownership and collective responsibility within the community.

Under its broader CSR focus for the region, Ambuja Cements is committed to promoting education. This includes facilitating access to reading materials, promoting sports, and raising awareness about personal and menstrual hygiene. In pursuit of this commitment, Ambuja Cements is supporting over 31 primary and 18 middle schools in Darlaghat.

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