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Ahmedabad based organization “Filter Concept” honoured for “Sustainable Workspace”

  • Sustainable Workspace – A Catalyst for Productivity and Profitability in Indian Businesses

16 March, 2024 : Bodies such as Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad (IIMA) together were looking for an organization for survey of their case studies related to Sustainable workspaces – catalysts for productivity and profitability in Indian Businesses from all over India and they have selected Filter Concept Private Limited’s Sanand Facility for their research after multiple surveys from all over India and the honour was presented to Mr. Mehul Panchal, Chairman & Managing Director, Filter Concepts Pvt Ltd on 13th March.

Mr. Mehul Panchal, Chairman and Managing Director of Filter Concept Private Limited said, “We are felicitating Sustainability, Net Zero, and Reduction in Carbon Footprints, Green Building, Nature Friendly Workspaces, Cleaner and Healthier Environment at our place. Our organization is designed with considering the environment as top most priority. Our Organization is capable of harvesting rain water. We have underground tanks which are capable of storing rain water and being used for daily uses.

Our Organization is having Sewage Treatment Plant which treats the flush waters from all over the premises and makes that water reusable for daily cleaning and maintaining hygiene. Our organization is designed in a way that sunlight can go through all the premises throughout the day which reduces the direct use of electricity. Our Facility is equipped with Fire Alarm Panel, Smoke Detectors, Fire Hydrants and Fire Extinguishers at every corner. Offices and factories in the premises of Filter Concept are equipped with air purification units, so that employees and workers can get clean air.”

The honour was conferred in the presence of dignitaries like Ar Jayesh Hariyani (Chairman, IGBC Ahmedabad Chapter), Ms Bente Toftkaer (General Manager, Danish Industry India), Mr (Sameer Sinha, Immediate Past Chairman, IGBC Ahmedabad Chapter), Mr Tobias Hansen (Director, Projects & Partnerships, Danish Industry India),

H. E. Freddy Svane (Ambassador of the Royal Danish Embassy to India), Shri Ashwini Kumar, IAS (Principal Secretary, Urban Development & Urban Housing Department, Government of Gujarat, Govt. of Gujarat), H. E. Freddy Svane (Ambassador of the Royal Danish Embassy to India), Mr Taral Shah (Co-chair, IGBC Ahmedabad Chapter), Prof. Aditya Moses (IIM Ahmedabad), Pro. Prashant Das (IIM Ahmedabad) &  Mr. S Karthikeyan (Deputy Executive Dctor, CII-IGBC).

Filter Concept is  Designer, Manufacturer & Supplier of Industrial Filters, Industrial Metering Skid, Service Regulator Skid, Pressure Vessels, Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchangers and they are supplying our products and services to 90+ countries from all over the world.

Revolutionizing the world of filtration, one name stands as a beacon ensuring excellence with innovation – Filter Concept Private Limited. Filter Concept was established by  Chairman, Founder & Managing Director Mr. Mehul Panchal in Year 2002 in Ahmedabad, India with a vision of bringing positive changes in the way the filtration industry was functioning. When Filter Concept was established the filtration, business was confined to merely marketing and product selling to the industries, while application analysis was particularly at its lowest levels.

Being a Chemical Engineer and Possessing sound technical background, Mr. Mehul Panchal initiated focusing on imparting his in-depth knowledge by involving industries and designing filtration systems as per their specific requirements. This initiative earned him recognition, acceptance & ample response from various industries and the industry’s majors. Under his expert guidance, Filter Concept today is reckoned among the leading solution provider for the most complex filtration requirement of various industries globally and We are the global leaders in providing micron filtration solutions to the various industries for the demanding application of air, gas and liquid filtration.

With a focus on micron filtration solutions, their innovations have reshaped air, gas and liquid filtration at large with over 5000+ repetitive industrial clients including 3000+ top Indian Companies and 1000+ international clients including fortune 500 with global exports to 90+ countries. From Cartridge Filter Housing to Self-Cleaning Filters, our product range defines excellence. We are your one-stop destination for all filtration needs.

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