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5 signs that your breast cancer has come back

Ahmedabad, Breast cancer remains one of the most prevalent and daunting health challenges faced by women worldwide. While advancements in detection and treatment have significantly improved outcomes, for those who’ve faced off with breast cancer, the worry of it making a comeback can hang heavy. Metastatic breast cancer, also known as stage III/IV, represents the most advanced form of the disease. There are instances of recurrences where 30% of the patients develop metastasis during their follow-up care. [1]

Our body has unique mechanisms through which it communicates its needs. To live a healthy life, it is imperative to listen to our bodies and notice any abnormal change as early as possible. Recognizing the signs of breast cancer recurrence is crucial for timely intervention and optimal outcomes.

Navigating metastatic breast cancer requires caution, proper treatment, and vigilance. The goal of treatment shouldn’t just be to control the spread and ease symptoms, but also to improve quality of life and extend survival. Therefore, it’s crucial for patients to have open, detailed conversations with their doctor about the various advanced treatment options available.

According to Dr Kaushal Patel, Consultant medical oncologist, Elite Hemato Oncocare Centre, Ahmedabad said, “In my experience, it’s been evident that many women face the breast cancer recurrence. This underscores the importance of recognizing the warning signs and symptoms associated with breast cancer recurrence and possibility of it being metastatic. Familiarity with these indicators empowers individuals to identify potential red flags early on.

Being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer presents significant challenges for patients. Therefore, it’s essential to advocate for open and extensive conversations between patients and their healthcare providers. Understanding the available treatment options becomes crucial in navigating this difficult journey effectively.”

Here are 5 signs to look out for:

  1. Continuous and Indescribable Pain: If you are experiencing an unexplainable pain which is continuous in nature, then you should visit your oncologist immediately. It is vital to take quick action as this could be a sign of recurrence. The type of pain associated with recurrence will not ease with common remedies. Additionally, it is extremely important to pay attention to the discomfort or the area which is specifically hurting such as the joints bones, back or pelvis and more.
  2. Lumps: Look out for new lumps or swelling in various parts of the body, not just limited to the breast area. Pay close attention to any abnormal growths or swelling, as they could be potential indicators of recurrence or metastatic breast cancer.
  1. Chest Pain and Breathing Difficulties: If you experience persistent shortness of breath, wheezing, or unexplained chest discomfort, seek medical attention promptly as metastasis to the lungs can cause these symptoms.
  2. Persistent Fatigue and Weakness: It is important to be aware that constant fatigue and weakness, which persist even after getting enough rest could be an indicator of recurrence. It is crucial to recognize the difference between general tiredness and an extended feeling of exhaustion that does not improve with sleep, to take appropriate action.
  3. Neurological Symptoms: Metastatic breast cancer may spread to the brain, resulting in various neurological symptoms. Keep an eye out for frequent headaches, seizures, difficulty with coordination or balance, memory issues, or changes in vision or speech.

While finding out that one is diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer can take an emotional and physical toll on one’s wellbeing it is crucial for patients and caretakers to work closely with doctor to develop an individualized treatment plan. While a diagnosis of Metastatic breast cancer may feel scary, today there are advanced treatment options available that can help patients  effectively manage the conditions to live a longer and a healthier life.

[1] [1]    Clinicopathologic Characteristics and Treatment Outcomes of Patients With Up-Front Metastatic Breast Cancer: Single-Center Experience in India


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