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Rallis India invests 11.50cr, commissions a new automated 8000 MT WSF plant in Maharashtra

Mumbai | 6th May, 2024: Rallis India Limited, a Tata enterprise and a leading player in the Indian Agri inputs industry, announces the establishment of an automated 8000 Metric Ton (WSF) Water Soluble Fertiliser plant in Akola, Maharashtra. This strategic initiative underscores Rallis’ commitment to innovation, enhancing farm productivity and advancing sustainable agriculture practices.

Commenting on the inauguration of the WSF plant, Dr. Gyanendra Shukla, Managing Director & CEO of Rallis, said, “Water-soluble fertiliser forms a crucial element within the ‘Integrated Plant Nutrient Management System’, a sustainable approach to comprehensive and balanced crop nutrition. This has also been confirmed through extensive research over several decades.

WSF products are tailored for both foliar and fertigation applications. These products will play a pivotal role in improving soil health, enhancing nutrients uptake and promoting balanced crop nutrition.

Rallis’ investment in WSF plant reflects its commitment towards technological advancement and improvement in operational efficiencies. The Company aims to become one of the top three players in the customised WSF business in India by FY28.

For more information about other products in Rallis India’s portfolio, please visit https://www.rallis.com/.

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