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Micron Foundation and the United Way of Hyderabad Collaborate to Foster Excellence in Education through URAM Scholarships

Partnership Empowers 60 Students fromLeading InstitutionsTowards Academic Excellence and a Fulfilling Career Journey

Hyderabad, India, May 6, 2024: The Micron Foundation has partnered with theUnited Way of Hyderabad (UWH)to provide scholarships to 60 of the brightest students from India’s leading engineering institutions,offering them a pathtowardsacademic excellence and a brighter future.

Photo : CR Parthasarathy, director, Device Technology at Micron India (Extreme right) along with Sriram Akella, director, Client & SSD Engineering

These scholarships,which will be awarded as part of theUniversity Research Alliance Micron (URAM) initiative,helpensure that each student has an opportunity to unlock their potential, pursue their chosen fields of study, and embark on a fulfilling career journey.

The scholarships are specifically tailored to support students in their B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)third semester and M.Tech (Master of Technology)first year, in the fields of Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Electrical Engineering, and Electronics & Computer Engineering.Among the 60 recipients,16 are women,and10 are part of the Persons with Disabilities (PwD) category,reflecting Micron’s dedication to inclusivity and the breadth of talent nurtured by the scholarship program.

These students represent some of India’s leading institutions including IIT Delhi, IIIT Bangalore, IIT Gandhinagar, IIIT Hyderabad, BITS Pilani,National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW), NITTrichy, and the JNTUH College of Engineering.

The selection process included an extensive on-campus activation and nationwide college campaigns with 2,677 applications from 494 institutes across the nation. Following a meticulous review processconducted by UWH, based on predefined selection criteria along with a comprehensive technical assessment, 60 exceptional candidates emerged as recipients of the scholarship, each demonstrating outstanding merit and promise in their respective fields of study.With a value of up to ₹80,000 per student, the scholarships aim to alleviate deserving students from financial burden, empowering them to pursue their academic aspirations with renewed vigor.

“The Micron Foundation is committed to supportingstudents in their pursuit of in-demand careersthat provide the opportunity to enrich their lives,” said April Arnzen, Micron executive vice president, chief people officer and president of the Micron Foundation. “We believe that access to higher education, deliveredthrough initiatives like the URAM Scholarship Program, and working with partners like UWH, will prepare them for future technology careers whilecreatinga lasting impact on communities throughout India.”

“Our URAM scholarships underscore our focus on promoting diversity and fostering excellence in education,” said Anand Ramamoorthy, vice president and managing director, Micron India.“With the wealth of talent within India, these students will be at the vanguard of India’s rise as a semiconductor powerhouse in line with the dynamic evolution of the technology industry.”

According to Rekha Srinivasan, CEO, United Way of Hyderabad, “We are pleased to be working with the Micron Foundation toempower deserving students throughthis URAMscholarship initiative. These scholarships ensure that every student has equitable access to opportunitiesto unlock their potential, pursue their chosen courses, and forge a career they cherish. Through the scholarship program, we aim to create a fair platform for all students.”

URAM is an integrated framework to build stronger partnerships with Indian universities, focusing on fostering research, innovation, and collaboration, with some of the best minds in the country. At its core, the alliance brings together academic institutionsand key faculty experts, advanced research labs, student communities, industry associations, startups and government agencies to further research, education,and innovation in memory design.

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