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Arena Animation Showcases Remarkable Student Talent at “Creative Hunt 2024”

Ahmedabad, Arena Animation (Maninagar, Vastrapur, and Shahibaug) proudly hosted “Creative Hunt 2024”, a vibrant students’ work highlighting the creative achievements of more than 150 talented students. Spanning across two days, from June 22nd to June 23rd, the event showcased a diverse array of digital artwork and projects across various disciplines.

Devanshi Shah (Director, Maninagar, Vastrapur, Shahibaug) and Anish Shah (Director, Maninagar, Vastrapur, Shahibaug) gave information in this creative hunt organized by Arena Animation (Maninagar, Vastrapur, Shahibaug).

Students presented their innovative works in Graphic Design, Motion Movie Posters, Marriage Invite Videos, Television Ads, Character Model Sheets, Website Designs, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, 3D Game Environments, VFX (Visual Effects), and 3D Product Packshots.

During the exhibition, students’ works in graphics, animation, VFX, and gaming were showcased for their families, friends, industry experts, and aspiring individuals looking to forge a career in this industry. Each visitor had the opportunity to vote for their favouriteW student works. Furthermore, some creative students also received job placement offers from experts.

Anish Shah, director of the center has always believed in quality education and always modernizes the hardware-software from time to time to provide the best education to the students. Apart from this, they also ensure that the students are counted along with the education, as part of which they organize frequent workshops, seminars, industry visits, expert lectures, so that they get enough knowledge of the industry along with education and also organize job fairs for the students who are willing to work.

Arena Animation has a wide range of courses like graphic, animation, VFX, professional courses for gaming, career courses as well as short term courses giving students ample career opportunities, there is no age or education limit for each of these courses, everyone can do it. This is a very golden opportunity for career aspirants who will be very good in making the right decision by seeing the education provided by the institute and the live work of the project made by the student.

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