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Havmor Unveils Two Exquisite Flavours – Shahi Kesar and Blueberry Cheesecake

Gujarat, April 15, 2024: Havmor, a part of LOTTE Wellfood Co. Ltd and one of the most beloved ice cream brands, has unveiled two enticing new ice cream flavours – Blueberry Cheesecake and Shahi Kesar, perfectly timed to welcome the summer season.

Havmor Ice Cream deeply understands the preferences of Indian consumers, endeavouring to introduce flavours that captivate their taste buds. With a commitment to innovation and understanding of evolving consumer tastes, Havmor is offering new irresistible ice-cream flavours Blueberry Cheesecake and Shahi Kesar, in a family pack this summer season. Keeping in mind the fact that people like to indulge at home with family and friends, these family packs and flavours are perfect blend of timeless classics with creative twists.

Perfect for those who adore classic flavors yet crave something new, ‘Shahi Kesar’ offers a royal feast blending cashews, almonds, honey, cardamom, and saffron in a dry fruit-laden ice cream. On the other hand, ‘Blueberry Cheesecake’ takes inspiration from the classic dessert, offering a delightful fusion of creamy cheesecake and tangy blueberry ripple for a luxuriously creamy texture in every spoonful.

These latest flavours offer a unique twist to the ice cream experience, showcasing Havmor’s commitment in redefining indulgence and delivering joy with every bite. Being a 100% milk ice cream maker, each scoop is crafted with care, using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure a premium taste experience. The new summer flavours will be available at retail outlets, Havmor Havfunn parlour and selected modern trade stores.

About Havmor – Havmor Ice Cream, a part of LOTTE Wellfood Co. Ltd. Havmor Ice Cream is one of the most loved ice cream brands. Over a period of 80 years, the brand has grown immensely by reinventing the ice cream experience time and again. While innovation forms the essence of every creation at Havmor, the brand has been constantly curating a novelty of flavours ranging from the Vanila Ice Cream and to the high-end varieties like Mocha Brownie Fudge and Nutty Belgian dark chocolate to the well-liked Ice Cream Cakes. In the last decade, Havmor has grown multi-fold, established a strong brand presence and emerging as one of the fastest growing, most loved ice cream brands of the country. With a wide and varied range of flavours, more than 21 states and union territories, a network of more than 60,000 dealers and 239 flagship parlours, Havmor is truly a national brand that caters to a wide spectrum of audience across the country.

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