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Waaree Energies to Supply 900 MW of Modules for Solar Power Plant in Rajasthan

Gujarat’s Total Renewable Energy Installed Capacity stands at 19,415 MW


Mumbai, July 01, 2024 – Waaree Energies Ltd., India’s largest manufacturer of solar PV modules with the largest aggregate installed capacity of 12 GW as of June 30, 2023 (Source: CRISIL Report), proudly announces the receipt of a contract from Serentica Renewables India Private Limited for a substantial 900 MW module supply deal. The modules will be deployed in a project located in Fatehgarh, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.

This project is expected to be one of the largest solar power plants installed in India with Waaree modules in it, marking a milestone for both companies. The delivery schedule for these Top-Con bifacial modules is set from August 2024 to February 2025. This deal involves the provision of the Waaree Elite Series N Type Topcon BiN-03-680 to 690Wp GTG Bifacial modules.

Mr Sunil Rathi, Director Sales, Waaree Energies Ltd. remarked, “This collaboration with Serentica Renewables is a testament to our pursuit of excellence and innovation in the renewable energy sector. This project, symbolizes our commitment to pioneering advancements in solar technology and contributing to the nation’s transition to clean energy while providing people with jobs. Our elite series modules are expected to contribute to the efficiency, durability and performance of this project. Moreover, our company has been deploying multiple projects in Rajasthan and Gujarat, thereby contributing in the clean energy shift in these states.”

Commenting on the association, Mr. Akshay Hiranandani, CEO Serentica said, “We are happy to partner with Waaree Energies – a market leader in the module manufacturing sector. Their commitment towards quality and reliability makes them the perfect choice for this initiative. Together, we expect the coming months to be marked by product innovation and execution, thereby contributing to India’s energy landscape.”

Waaree Energies Ltd. will oversee the comprehensive manufacturing, testing, packing, and transportation of these solar PV modules, ensuring adherence to the quality standards and timely execution of the project. The deployment of this project is expected to increase region’s renewable energy capacity and contribute to reduction in carbon emissions and promotion of environmental sustainability. As India marches towards its renewable energy targets, initiatives of this scale are expected to play a role in realizing the nation’s vision of a greener future.

About Waaree Energies Limited Waaree Energies Limited (“WEL”) was founded in 1990. It is India’s largest manufacturer of solar PV modules with the largest aggregate installed capacity of 12 GW, as of June 30, 2023 (Source: CRISIL Report). WEL commenced operations in 2007 focusing on solar PV module manufacturing with an aim to provide quality, cost-effective sustainable energy solutions across markets, and aid in reducing carbon foot-print paving the way for sustainable energy thereby improving quality of life. WEL has four solar module manufacturing facilities in India, with international presence.

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